Cuvee Joi


Château Capitelle des Salles
Cuvée : JOI

Producers : Estelle and Frédéric Salles

Appellation : A.O.C. Terrasses-du-Larzac

Village : Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière (Hérault/South of France)

Soil : red « schists » (Primary era of « red Permien »), sandstone and “pélites” called « Ruffes » ; isolated plots among the woods, in terrasses, high up (250 meters), with olive trees and traditional small stone-huts, called “capitelles”, typical tradional vines from the Languedoc..

Grape varieties :
75% Grenache noir (Terroir « Serres de Bourles ») ; 25% Syrah

Yield : 18hL/ha

Viticulture : traditional languedoc « gobelet » pruning for  grenache, cordon de royat for syrah ; poughings ; few treatments thanks a lot of drying wind. No insecticide ; no chemical fertilizer but organic fertilizer. No irrigation.

Harvest : excellent health state, optimal maturity ; manual harvest, with small trays of 15 kg.

Vinification : traditionnal :de-stemming; fermentation and maceration of 20 days ; soft extraction respectful of the skin.
Very soft pressing. Malolactic fermentation. Soft.fining

Ageing : in barrels french oak, during 10 months.

Bottling :  homemade, in the cellar. No filtration

Presentation :
Bottle of 750 mL, “Grande tradition” type “bordelaise” (originaly invented in Languedoc). Back label. Upscale cap and cork with personal touch.

Sensory analysis : Beautiful complex nose ; ripe black fruits (black berry, blackcurrant), prune and sweet spicies. Ample, tasty and lingering mouth ; charming woody (cedar, balsa, chocolate) ; good concentration of silky tannins.
Harmony, intensity, unctuousness...A refined wine to serve with great events or just for the pleasure...

Number of bottles produced  : 800-1000

Price TTC consumers, at the cellar, september 2017 : 18 Euros (16.5 euros per unit for 6 bottles bought)

GUIDE HACHETTE 2018 : one star